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  • How a CO2 Laser Cuts Material

    If you are you planning to buy a laser engraver for business purposes and therefore wish to learn more about how laser cutting machinery operates then this post will be of some help? First,before you go off an purchase anything look at reviews of the company including what past owners are saying. Here is a review of Camfive laser that I found that was surprising. Don’t know if it is true but you can usually get a general consensus about a laser company by looking at different review or forum sites.

    As far as Laser engraving or laser marking the difference between the two is the depth that the laser burns into the material. And you don’t need an expensive industrial laser since even a small laser like one described at this website: will engrave wood and cut thin wood quiet easily. More dwell time will get more into engraving and even cutting. Same is true with power. The more power will obliterate or burn the material more. Laser engraving like the other laser procedures uses also a laser beam in order to manipulate the surface of objects. The laser engraving process is commonly used to create one or more images on a particular material,which may be noticed at eye level. During the process,high heat that is created by the laser vaporizes the matter therefore exposing cavities that are ideal in forming the final image.

    How a Laser Engraver Works

    The process of laser engraving is actually pretty quick since the material of concern does not need to be pinned down to the work platform like you would with a CNC laser machine. It is literally focused light that is working into the material. The depth of the engraving present in the material is managed by the power or dwell time over the material.
    During the laser engraving process,the surface of the material is burned or even melted first and vaporized by that heat being produced by laser beam through a process referred as material removal. More power will speed up the process.

    So,this is how the laser burns material to either mark,engrave,or cut through it.

  • Roasting Coffee Beans Using a Popcorn Maker – Coffee Beans Home-Roasting

    Occasionally buying every object you need to prepare coffee drinks can make you to spend a lot. Ihave really paid a ton of resources to buy the greatest coffee bean mill for the right grind. I purchased a semiautomatic espresso maker to discover how to work with an espresso maker myself. I even bought a small coffee beans roaster. All this equipment cost me a lot of money. Regretfully,when my roaster met its maker,had to find a new one. However because of the important expense of investing in a new one,I just had to improvise roasting at home. With that,I had to start roasting beans with a popcorn popper.

    How to Roast Coffee Beans in a Popcorn Maker

    Setup your popcorn popper in a well lit area. A bright place will allow you to observe the tone of the coffee beans and determine if the coffee beans are properly roasted.
    Weigh around 3 ounces of coffee beans . Note,measurement also depends on the type of the popcorn maker. You may use the recommended amount inside the popper (i.e. if the popper recommends 4 ounces of corn,then put 4 ounces of coffee beans).
    Dump the coffee beans into the popping machine and put the lid on.
    Use a vessel with a wide mouth and cover it with a wet paper towel or a damp washcloth.
    Place the container right by the opening of the popcorn popper to capture the chaff.
    Follow the directions of the popper manufacturer when you roast the coffee beans. In basic,you need to wait for about 4-7 minutes but always keep on inspecting the color of the beans.
    Take the beans off before it reaches your preferred roasting level. Put them in a colander and toss the beans.
    If you like a light roast coffee,once the coffee starts to crack,remove the beans from the popper.
    If you like it medium roast,just let the beans roast up until the second crackling noise and after that you can take it off.
    Just leave the beans in the popper a bit more up until you’ve reached its preferred roast if you prefer a dark roast.

    Tips to keep in mind when Popping Beans

    Tip 1: Plug Directly on the Wall

    You get more wattage when you plug your popper straight on the wall. When utilizing a power cable,you are splitting the power within the power cable.